The Manukau Canoe Club was established in 1989 by a group of people that decided they had a common interest in mucking around in kayaks and canoes.  The materials and design of boats has improved and the style of paddling has changed, but the Club still continues with this goal in mind.

Some of us live for the adrenaline of whitewater, while others enjoy exploring our rivers, coast lines and lakes in Sea Kayaks.  There is also a bit of competition involved through Slalom, Multisport, Freestyle, Polo etc.

We are a family friendly club and have members of all ages and abilities.  We like to socialise when off the water and away on trips.

Our Club is setup to encourage new members through training, easy access to equipment and facilities to make starting out easy.  We also get involved with community initiatives to encourage water safety and introduce people to kayaking.

New members are welcome.